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Korra Thomas: Cheerleading



Cheer (Ages 4-12)            Age Control Date: September 1st, 2023

Cheer Uniforms: Participants must be registered to be fitted into uniforms. We will have fittings on this date:

-Saturday, July 22nd  from 10-12p in the Senior Center

*If you cannot make this date, please call Korra Thomas for more information on when to come in and get fitted.


*Uniforms this year will look the same as last year.

*Participants are NOT required to buy this uniform if they already have one.

*If you are needing specific pieces you will need to attend the fitting date to order ex: pom-poms, Girls Shell.


Prices are as follows: 

Girls Uniform Shell $17.00

Ladies Uniform Shell $18.00 (2XL Shell $18.50)

Girls Skirt $18

Ladies Skirt $19.00 (2XL skirt $19.50)

Pom Poms $21 for the pair


-Payment for uniforms are in addition to registration fee and uniforms must be paid in full at fittings. 

-Coaches meeting Monday, July 31st at 5:30pm at the Bremen Senior Center

-Cheer Clinic: Saturday, August 5th 9-11am. (This is considered the first practice)