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We are exciting to bring tennis back to Bremen! Join Coach Kevin Muldoon for weekly lessons available for players of all skill levels. 

**New Tennis Session Oct. 16th - Nov. 13th**

 Lesson Schedule:
(A minimum of 5 participants needed for each class.) 

Meets on Tuesdays

Ages 8 & Up

5 - 6:00 pm - $60 for the entire session (5 lessons) or $15 drop in fee. 



Loaner rackets are available if needed! All lessons meet at the Bremen Tennis Complex at Rock Park (230 N Georgia Ave. Bremen, GA 30110). Registration available online or in person at the BPRD office. Please contact Amber Wolfe at (770) 537-0670 or with any questions!

New Tennis Instructor 

Kevin Muldoon



  • Championship Tennis Coach
  • Provide lessons to numerous athletes of varying abilities
  • Held Summer camps for Haralson County Rec.
  • USTA (United States Tennis Association) Member
  • Twenty Years Experience

Lessons are broken down into 3 categories: Warm-up, skill developments, and game development (Highlighted are mainly only the first few lessons)

  1. Explanation of terms, scoring and rules of the game.
  2. Racket explanation (grip, neck, and head)
  3. Proper grip
  4. Stretching
  5. Racket drills
  6. Footwork drills
  7. Forehand stroke and follow through practice
  8. Backhand stroke and follow through practice
  9. Toss and Serve
  10. Specific strokes — volley, slice, dropshot, overhead smash, poaching, etc. 
  11. Rallying
  12. Practice game
  13. Specific individualized instruction

Most Importantly HAVE FUN!